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Drive-Thru Difference

YOU are the Drive-Thru Difference.

If you've ever wanted to make a difference in someone's day, this is the way to do it. It's simple too.

By actually being the Drive Thru Difference, you can easily brighten someones day, week, or who knows... you might even change their outlook on life.

Together we can impact our community in such a powerful way.

The concept is simple.

Print this note, then drive to the fast food or coffee place you like to visit... place your order... then, when you get to the drive thru window, kindly tell the cashier/window worker that you'd like to bless the person in the car behind you. At that point you pay for both orders and hand the worker the note you printed from this site.

In the end... you do something sweet for someone else, the window worker is blessed by seeing your spirit behind paying, and the person you paid for may also pay it forward the next time around. It's all about creating community and pointing others towards Jesus Christ in even the simplest of ways.

If you are ready to BE the Drive Thru Difference then print this form and see you at the drive thru soon!

We would love to hear your stories! You can call The Q 99.7 at 413-285-2997 or send us your story through the form below:

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Drive Thru Difference Stories

Here are a few of the stories that we have received:

June - Ludlow, MA

On my way to work I wanted to do something good for someone because the Lord has blessed me in so many ways. I decided to go through the drive thru at Dunkin Donuts and do the Drive Thru Difference for someone, maybe brighten their day. As I pulled in, I was disappointed that no one was behind me to pay I got closer to the cashier, here came a man in a pickup truck with a black lab dog right behind me, I noticed the man gave the dog a hug and a kiss on the nose. Being a dog lover myself, I decided that this was the perfect time to make a difference, so before paying for him I also asked the cashier to make sure his dog was given a munchkin too, I guess I did a two for made me smile!

Marina - Chicopee, MA

I would like to thank the person who paid for my kids coolattas at Dunkin Donuts on Burnett Rd in Chicopee. It was very kind of you and it made our day!! We heard about the drive through difference before, in fact we were listening to the Q99.7 when we pulled up to the window. There was nobody behind us but we will pay for someone tomorrow and will pass that note on and I'm sure it will make someone's day just as much as it made ours.

Lydia - Holyoke, MA

I wake up every morning and give thanks for all GOD has given me and I tell myself every day, 'today is going to be a good day'. I believe in paying it forward and have practiced that myself many years, and all I ever asked in return is that you pay it forward. Well, today was an example of that, but in the other shoe... Thanks and appreciation goes out to the gentleman at the Dunkin Donuts drive-thru on Main St. Holyoke who paid for my order this morning !!! An added bonus to this beautiful day.

James - Springfield, MA

I was driving in to work, the same as most days. Although today was not starting out well, I was being tailgated and nearly forced into an accident with a right-turning truck. I could feel the day was going to be a bad one and I was already stressed. I stopped at the north-end bridge Pride station for my morning coffee from Dunken Donuts when Abbey, the drive-thu window attendant, said that my coffee had been paid for and that this note was left for you by the car ahead. Well, what a complete turnaround! I felt so good about such a random act of kindness that I felt the morning stress just vanish. I know that whatever problems come up today I can look back at this gesture and be calm. Thank you, whoever you were, you made my day! The car behind you?

Markus - ,

I was at dunkin dounuts on my way to work and I was mad and grumpy I was picking up breakfeast for me and my friends/(coworkers) I knew it would cost quite a bit so I was dreading getting to the cashier but then when I get there he hands me a note saying "I paid for you today. No strings attached" It made my day that was dark stormy and grumpy into a rainbow filled sunshiny greatest day I've had in a long while!! So for whoever paid for me I want to say thank you so much and may God bless your heart and soul for me. Thank you again from the man in the car behind you!!

Lynn - Springfield, MA

Went through the drive thru on Memorial Drive in West Springfield this morning and when I went to pay I was handed the note. Shocked! I had never heard of this before and I just started to tear up. It has been a rough week and it just made me feel like someone was looking out for me.
Thanks to the nice lady in the red car!!

Sheyla - Springfield, MA

Today as usual I went to DD (Wilbraham, Ma)to buy my coffee in the morning to start the day ... In these past few days I've been going through some difficult times. So while waiting in line and listening to this radio station and beautiful praises, arriving at the window a cashier tells me that the person in front of me had paid for my coffee. I have to say, the emotion was so great that I tear' up!!! To you who today gave me great joy, God bless you and grant you the desires of your heart. Thank you brother/sister in Jesus Christ. PRAISE THE LORD!

Sandy - Springfield, MA

This morning I heard you talk about the Drive thru difference. It had been awhile since I had participated so I thought I would today. Thankfully I had the note printed and in my car. The clerk at the window was a bit confused at first. But then commented to a coworker "Hey she just paid for the next person in line". The order was nearly $6 more than mine so I am hoping the person behind me could be blessed. Let's hope they tune in to 99.7 and can be touched by God's Love! I know I am blessed and it made me feel good to show God's love. Thanks for the opportunity!

Kayla - Westfield, MA

I was having an off morning and decided to go grab some Dunkin' Donuts with my boyfriend. We ordered and drove up to the window and were SO shocked that someone would be so kind to do such a thing and pay for our breakfast. I've been stressed out and enduring a lot, and it made me so happy and appreciative that there are people out there that like to do things for other people. Thank you so much to the kind people who paid and passed on the note. You brightened my morning and my spirit!

Maria - Springfield, MA

As I pulled up to Dunkin Donuts with my last $10 trying to make sure I had enough to pay for munchkins for my daughter who wanted to bring them in for her friends at school, and making sure I had enough money left over to buy a gallon of milk for my son, I get a note from the cashier... I read it and before I could wave at the stranger in front of me, she had already driven away. The stranger paid for my purchase. I am so greatful! I feel blessed because that was truly my last $10 until pay day next week. She made my day and it's been a great day thus far. Thank you Q 99.7 and thank you to my total stranger...blessings to her and her loved ones.

Hope for Today
He will keep in perfect peace all those who trust in him, whose thoughts turn often to the Lord!
Isaiah 26:3 TLB