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Drive-Thru Difference

YOU are the Drive-Thru Difference.

If you've ever wanted to make a difference in someone's day, this is the way to do it. It's simple too.

By actually being the Drive Thru Difference, you can easily brighten someones day, week, or who knows... you might even change their outlook on life.

Together we can impact our community in such a powerful way.

The concept is simple.

Print this note, then drive to the fast food or coffee place you like to visit... place your order... then, when you get to the drive thru window, kindly tell the cashier/window worker that you'd like to bless the person in the car behind you. At that point you pay for both orders and hand the worker the note you printed from this site.

In the end... you do something sweet for someone else, the window worker is blessed by seeing your spirit behind paying, and the person you paid for may also pay it forward the next time around. It's all about creating community and pointing others towards Jesus Christ in even the simplest of ways.

If you are ready to BE the Drive Thru Difference then print this form and see you at the drive thru soon!

We would love to hear your stories! You can call The Q 99.7 at 413-285-2997 or send us your story through the form below:

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Drive Thru Difference Stories

Here are a few of the stories that we have received:

Mary - Westfield, MA

I had just finished reading a very disturbing book that called to mind all kinds of questions about the human spirit. As I sat waiting for my turn to pick up my coffee my thoughts were still with 'the dark side' of humanity. Having the car in front of me pay for my coffee shook me out of my heavy musings and made me once again realize how many good people there are in the world and how most of us do want to make a positive difference for someone. So, whomever it was, THANK YOU...this was right around 8 am at the north side Westfield McDonalds.

Karin (pronounced car in - Enfield, CT

My kids and I started doing this about a year ago. Everytime we go through a drive through the kids "say do it mom". I can't do it everytime but we get such happiness from it when we do. Just to know you are making someone's day is the best feeling. I can only imagine Jesus and how he felt knowing the millions of people he was saving. I am so happy I found your station after my sisrer passed away. I love everything you all do. Especially the morning prayers!! Thank you all for the great gift you have bestowed upon this region of the country.

Sharon - Springfield, MA

Thank you to the red Echo at the Sonic drive-thru Sat. Evening. you made my day I was using my last few dollars to treat myself to a night of no cooking. You inspired me to pay it forward. I'm anxious to make someone's day like you made mine. :)

Markus - ,

I was at dunkin dounuts on my way to work and I was mad and grumpy I was picking up breakfeast for me and my friends/(coworkers) I knew it would cost quite a bit so I was dreading getting to the cashier but then when I get there he hands me a note saying "I paid for you today. No strings attached" It made my day that was dark stormy and grumpy into a rainbow filled sunshiny greatest day I've had in a long while!! So for whoever paid for me I want to say thank you so much and may God bless your heart and soul for me. Thank you again from the man in the car behind you!!

Iris - Springfield, MA

I woke up at 3:30 in the morning to take my son to work. When I got back I sat on the driveway for a bit listening to a song that brought a lot of memories and tears because you see, I am a 45 year old widow. The song made me think about my husband and all the struggles I am going thru lately. So I sat there and cried for a bit. Then I got out of my car and went back in the house to get some more sleep before I have to get up again to go to work myself. I then get up around 7sh and get ready for work and head out to dunkin donuts for my morning coffee. When I got to the window, I was told that my coffee was already paid for and there was a very touching note attached to my coffee. It?s been a long time since I?ve felt my spirit genuinely lifted and I vowed for the rest of the day I would not let anything or anyone take that little bit of happiness that that note brought to me! And so I spoke it and it was a great day and night. Thank you so much for the kindness of the stranger in a white car that brought me to smile yesterday, and for your radio station for making it happen and passing the word.

Daniel - Westfield, Ma

My wife and I (and our two young children) were at Starbucks, which we normally cannot afford, and we weren't having a great day but we decided to splurge and indulge a little. We ordered our 2 Large Frappucinos, got to the window, and to our amazement, the car in front of us paid for our drinks. So from our family to yours, thank you so much for this gift you have given us, it turned our whole day around, and we can't wait to "Pay it Forward"!

Maria - Springfield, MA

As I pulled up to Dunkin Donuts with my last $10 trying to make sure I had enough to pay for munchkins for my daughter who wanted to bring them in for her friends at school, and making sure I had enough money left over to buy a gallon of milk for my son, I get a note from the cashier... I read it and before I could wave at the stranger in front of me, she had already driven away. The stranger paid for my purchase. I am so greatful! I feel blessed because that was truly my last $10 until pay day next week. She made my day and it's been a great day thus far. Thank you Q 99.7 and thank you to my total stranger...blessings to her and her loved ones.

Lydia - Holyoke, MA

I wake up every morning and give thanks for all GOD has given me and I tell myself every day, 'today is going to be a good day'. I believe in paying it forward and have practiced that myself many years, and all I ever asked in return is that you pay it forward. Well, today was an example of that, but in the other shoe... Thanks and appreciation goes out to the gentleman at the Dunkin Donuts drive-thru on Main St. Holyoke who paid for my order this morning !!! An added bonus to this beautiful day.

Heidi - Ludlow, MA

I was just at the Taco Bell drive thru with my 3 year old twins and when it was my turn to pay, the cashier said 'the woman in front of you paid for your order and she told me to give you this'... I read the drive thru difference and it made my heart smile... This was by far the nicest thing a stranger has ever done for me... I can't wait to return the favor tomorrow morning... The world would be a much better place if more people/strangers did this for one another. xoxo.

Erika - Somers, CT

So my boyfriend has joined the military and has been down in Georgia for the past three months and I was having a bad morning and thought some Dunkin donuts might cheer me up! So I went to the closest Dunkin down the road in Somers and ordered my favorite coffee and donut. I was so surprised and confused when the drive thru woman told me the car in Front of me had paid! I couldn't stop smiling all the way home! This has absolutely made my day! I would have loved to thank the woman, I beeped and waved at her as we drove separate ways but I'm not sure she noticed. THANK YOU! It's nice to know that genuine kindness still exists :)

Hope for Today
God sent his Son into the world not to judge the world, but to save the world through him.
John 3:17