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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I let the Q 99.7 know when I want to hear a certain song played, or let them know what songs I don't want to hear as much or hear more often?
    • We want to make sure this is the best possible radio station for you, your family, and our community. The Q 99.7 has set up a Music Team in which you can join for free to give us your feedback. Click HERE to sign up. As a music team member, you will get to send us your feedback about the music we play, and also let us know what songs you want to hear more or hear less. As a bonus, our Music Team members are given chances to win great prizes like concert tickets, free CD's, and even some "once in a lifetime" type prizes that you can't get anywhere else!

  • Why isn't The Q 99.7 signal stronger?
    • The US government via the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) has issued a license to us to broadcast at a certain signal strength and no more. The good thing is that technology allows you to listen ANYWHERE in the world, through our high quality online stream from our website and even on your smart phone through the free TUNE IN app.

  • Why does the Q 99.7 hold two pledge drives each year?
    • The Q 99.7 is a non-profit radio station that totally relies on listener donations as well as business partner and church support. Since the Q 99.7 has many costs to keep it on the air and broadcasting, we need the support of our listeners. Just like a local church is sustained by the giving of their members, the Q 99.7 is sustained by listeners like you by ongoing monthly donations and single gifts of support. Sometimes listeners need to stop their giving (lost job, can't afford it, etc) so we need to continue to have these fundraisers to make up for those dropped donations. Our Pledge Drives also give other listeners the opportunity to join our Support Team.

  • How can I volunteer at the Q 99.7?
    • God has blessed us with some great volunteers! We are so thankful for each person that is able to help out and serve. You can become a volunteer for the Q 99.7 by clicking HERE. You can read about becoming a volunteer and fill out an application for a variety of opportunities.

  • How can I request for an internship at the Q 99.7?
    • You can call the Q 99.7 office at 413-821-0997 to request an internship and to set up an interview.

  • How can I become a business partner of the Q 99.7?
    • Click HERE for information on becoming a business parter. You will see a series of questions and answers about business partnership, as well as a short form you can fill out and submit.

  • How can I submit concerns, questions, and suggestions to the Q 99.7?
    • If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions you can email us at