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  James B. Hawkes Certified Public Accountants
Honesty and integrity: two words that describe the work that we do. We provide a broad range of services to help clients secure a sound financial future. Each client's needs are different but some of the services we provide are small business accounting, including financial statements, bank reconciliations, budgets, tax planning, and tax return preparation for corporate, partnerships, trusts and individuals. Our clients are primarily from Massachusetts and Connecticut but we have clients in several states in the country and can file returns in most other states.

Our services are very comprehensive. Call for a free evaluation of your tax, accounting, and general business needs. Compare the difference between what you're presently doing and what we can do for you.

  Accounting Services
Are you looking for a trustworthy accountant? maybe you just started a new business and need to hire a bookkeeper? Call Thomas Normand today! Thomas has over 30 years of experience in accounting and specializes in bookkeeping for small businesses.

Tom Normand

  Kingdom Financial Solutions
Kingdom Financial Solutions is here to provide sound financial services to individuals, families, businesses, and churches. Steve has been helping clients with their income tax preparation for 20 years and has expanded his services to include bookkeeping, certified tax planning, accounting consulting, money management, and payroll processing.

If you're a church or business in need of bookkeeping services, Steve would love to hear from you. If you're looking to save more money on your next income tax return, take advantage of the certified tax planning service that Steve offers, and learn how you can save money on taxes legally.

Kingdom Financial Solutions services clients in Massachusetts and Connecticut. If you're looking for an honest professional who is willing to educate you on how to save money and make wise financial decisions, give Steve a call today. For Steve, its about helping people and serving the kingdom of God for His glory.

Steven Bibisi

  Thrivent Financial
Are you a Christian looking to align your faith and finances? Then you’ll want to check out Thrivent Financial. We’re not your typical financial services provider. We’re a not‐for‐profit, Fortune five hundred organization that helps our nearly two‐ point‐three million members to be wise with money. We provide guidance that reflects your values, so you can protect what matters most.

When it comes to financial services providers, you have plenty of choices. But while others see money as a goal, Thrivent Financial sees it as a tool– for connecting your faith, your family and community. At Thrivent, we help Christians make wise choices about their money and live generously. Want to connect your faith and finances—for good? Call today! Our goal is to help you prepare for the future, protect the people you love, and live a more generous, fulfilling life.


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