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Listener Stories

Here are a few of the stories we have received:

John - west Springfield, MA

Running a business can be challenging every day. Not knowing if you will make it to the next month. Listening to the Q has helped considerably. Great hosts and wonderful thoughts of the day, sharing God's message and messages through the beautiful artists songs is what gets me through. Life isn't always flowers, but the Q is a great place to start your seeds. The harvest comes from God's plan, but you must be willing to weed once and awhile, keep watering by keeping your faith and bring joy to others no matter what.
Thank You Q family.

Liz - West Springfield, MA

I do the drive thru difference from time to time. Went to the usual Dunkin Donuts to pay for the person behind me. The guy at the window remembered that I did the drive thru difference last time and reported that it went on for 6 cars! That made me feel the power that this ministry shares.

Angie - Holyoke,

The Q 99.7 helped me help a friend who was feeling down and i didint know what to say to him. Then i heard the song "Here for a Reason" and it was perfect for his situation. I dedicated the song to him and it really helped him out. Helping him made me happy. Thanks for everything. This station is truly a blessing.

Michael - Enfield, CT

I've been through a lot the last 7 months, at times feeling like I didn't know how I was going to make it, but I was always strong, God has seen me through all of my personal problems, listening to 99.7 has given me inspiration and has served as a reminder that God is always there and You should never give up, God will always be by your side.

Louise - Feeding Hills, Ma

I love Danny Gokey's song Rise. I’ve been feeling a little depressed lately. The song makes me "rise" in the morning! And, the song makes me feel special - like I do have a mission here on earth, to do God's work. It inspires me to volunteer more and pray every day that people will see God's love and light shine in me.

Gail - Topsham, ME

I started listening to 'The Q' several months ago, first in my car then at work. I can honestly say that this has been a blessing. I have gotten to know so many positive based Christian songs and artists that I find myself singing in my office! Several months ago a decision was made to move out of state and up to Maine where my husband's job had taken him. After living in my home for 28 years, raising my children there, taking care of my elderly parents til they passed there, the decision was a very difficult one to make. But prayerfully my husband and I talked to God daily and it seemed that all roads were leading us to Northern New England. We have been in Maine for 3 weeks and am loving it! I have been blessed to be able to now work from home and the very first thing I did, was make sure that I could log into the Q. I have been able to listen to the same positive music and messages while keeping my fingertip on what's going on in the place that I will always refer to as 'back home'. Thank you so much for making it possible for me to listen to 'The Q' on my PC. You make working alone feel like I am still surrounded by family - God's family! God bless your efforts.

Renee - Springfield, Ma

I want to thank you for all that you guys do. I wish I could pledge, but my spouse does not allow me to do much of anything with the money. I will be praying for The Q 99.7 though, between you and my wonderful church family I feel so blessed. I sing out loud while listening in the car.

Mimi - Springfield, MA

The Q blessings me 99.7 times and then some. Ths songs... Encourage me, answer my prayers, lift my Spirit, convict me, direct me, and SOoo much more! I am grateful for this ministry. In Jesus name I pray you will be abundantly blessed! I pray for financial provision beyond what you could even hope for!

Kaya - Chicopee, Ma

I've been dealing with a teenage son who has chosen the wrong path and listen to The Q 99.7 every day it seems just as I'm getting in my car or turning on the radio they are in the process of praying and it touches me and let's me know that there is light at the end of this rocky tunnel. God has not given up on me He hears my cry and knows what I need. He will take care of the situation over every crashing wave. Thank you for being here The Q 99.7 in my time of need.

Vicky - Feeding Hills, MA

The Q 99.7 always plays the right song at the right time... I remember that one time I was feeling very discouraged and I turned on the radio and 'Promises' was playing by Sanctus Real. That was an amazing moment for me. It just gave me so much hope and it was so uplifting. This wasn't the first time this happened, though. I feel like whenever I turn on the Q 99.7 the perfect song is always playing for me. I love the Q 99.7 and I just can't thank you all enough for what you do. God truly does work through this radio station and through you.

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