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Listener Stories

Here are a few of the stories we have received:

Patricia - Springfield, Ma

I wanted to send this comment in appreciation to Nate in the morning. His prayers are very powerful and he is so connected with God. When he prays I feel God speaking directly into my spirit. Thank you Nate for your boldness in Christ.

Catherine - Springfield, MA

I walked out of the doctor's office. My daughter had just been diagnosed with a life threatening disease. I got in the car and turned on the Q 99.7. Blessings by Laura Story came on. I just fell into Jesus' arms and cried like a baby. In the song the question is asked, "What if the trials of this life are blessings in disguise?" My daughter did eventually pass away, but I have seen so many blessings through this time. Thank you for keeping my eyes fixed on Jesus.

Lisa - , Ma

May 16 of 2014 my brother passed away of cancer. He was only 58 years old. He loved music as we were a music making family. He played the saxaphone in his younger years.
When in the hospital he did not want anybody but his wife to visit him, but I made sure to send him your wonderful music to his bedside. He thanked me 1 week before he passed for sending it. I believe it brought him such joy and peace in his time of suffering and quite frankly helped him to run to Jesus
in his last moments. God bless you TheQ99.7.

Yeseida - holyoke, ma

The music inspires me every day to try my best every day and never give up! From ab7 year old :-) Have a blessed day!

Kate - Southwick, MA

I have been listening to the Q for over a year now, and I absolutely LOVE this station. When I wake in the morning, I pray to God and put on the radio or laptop. With work, family, school, and church, I have lots of stress on a daily basis, and thank God I have him too! I cannot imagine my life without God --- people can break your heart but God is always there to heal the pain, restore the soul, and lift the human spirit. Thank you!

Leana B. - West Springfield, Ma

I just want to thank The Q for being here for the last 10 years. You have helped me, and my family, with everything that's happened over these years.
Through different ongoing problems; a failed marriage, a lost apartment, an autism diagnosis, a cancer diagnosis... and death.
Thank you so much.
We love you!

Donna - Springfield, Ma

I wanted to share my God moment yesterday. I was driving home from work on Main St. in Spfld. Which is a way I hardly ever go. I noticed these 3 young people in a parking lot. It appeared that 2 of the guys were praying over the other young man. So I started praying for him also. Thanking God for being apart of this. Then I turned my attention back to The Q and the song God is on the move. I started rejoicing on
how God is truly on the move and how this was perfectly orchestrated!!

Elizabeth - West Springfield, Ma

The Q 99.7's free concerts are a blessing and wonderful night out. I haven't been to a concert in a long, long, time. I really enjoyed being a part of the OBB and Jonathan Thulin concerts. This was the first time for me to be at a concert worshiping God with many brothers and sisters whom I do not know. It gave me a hint of what it will be like when we are all in heaven. This was a huge blessing which I enjoyed immensely. Thank you for providing this for us. May God keep blessing your outreach to the local area.

Christian - Feeding Hills, MA

The songs you play get me get through every single day with a better attitude and a better conviction. Without the Q 99.7 in my life, I would be heading down a very bad road. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the work that you do in this area and in my life.

Laura - Belchertown, MA

I found your station this morning while driving to work. I have been going through a lot of struggles and hear the most powerful song I've ever heard - God of Hope. It was so powerful, I had to pull over the side of the road in my car because I was sobbing. THANK YOU FOR YOUR STATION!!!

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