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Listener Stories

Here are a few of the stories we have received:

Connie - Chicopee, MA

I was a 'going through the motions' Christian. I attended church but felt nothing was happening in my spiritual life. My mother was diagnosed with cancer and it hit my faith hard. I watched her illness take over but her faith never waivered. Her last week among the living was spent at home with me on hospice. Again her faith never faltered. She wanted The Q 99.7 on 24/7. I think this was God's way of calling me to him. The songs I heard seemed to be sung to me. During that week a transformation occurred. I can now honestly say I feel God's love and know it pertains to me. Thank you!

Tammy - Springfield, Ma

The Q 99.7 has helped me everyday! Whenever I am going through anything in my life God puts it into perspective through the Q 99.7. Some days I feel as if my life is over and then I put on The Q 99.7 and listen to someone's story ,or a song and it makes me think that I am in so much better shape than that persons story or wow that song was meant for me and really puts my life into perspective.

Evelyn - Springfield, MA

I was looking for a church, asking God every day to help me find one. One day as i was searching for radio stations, The Q 99.7 came on and lo and behold an announcement for Cornerstone Church came on, this was back in November 2014. I love Cornerstone Church and love listening to The Q 99.7!!

Laurie - Westfield, MA

Your station is always on in my car. It helps me on my way into work to bring a positive attitude with me as I go through the day. This past week my granddaughter, Alayna, asked me to turn up the music. When I asked her if she like my kind of music her reply was "Oh yes Gramma, it always makes me happy." That 6 year old hit it right on. So happy to be able to share it with her.

Noelia - Springfield, MA

I am a high school teacher and every day when I am coming from work I listen the music from the Q 99.7 and that is very helpful because help me to renew after a very hard day.

Kaya - Southwick, Ma

Recently, I just went through a period where my summer job made me backslide in my faith and I was overcome with fear and regret. God used the music and the DJs from The Q 99.7 to remind me how precious I am in His eyes and that He loves me no matter what. Whenever I listen to The Q 99.7, I always feel God's presence and I feel like I am being drawn closer to Him.

Angie - Holyoke, MA

Recently I have been confided to my home with a sickness that I have. I have not been able to go to work, out, or even to church. It's been real difficult for me but your station has help me to keep going. It lifts my spirit. While I wait to recover and go back to church your station has help me to keep calm and not grow desperate. Thank you for everything you guys do.

Ariana - Holyoke, Ma

A few months ago I was going thru a hard time. My daughter was born two months early and had to stay in the hospital. One day, I got in my car to drive to the hospital to visit my daughter. I was having a hard day and ended up calling a local church for prayer and support. The woman who spoke with me suggested listening to Christian music to help encourage me during this time. I hung up the phone after talking with her. I turned on my car, and on the Q was a song playing called "Thy Will". As I listened to the song for the first time I cried all the way to the hospital. It was not my will for my daughter to stay so long in the hospital, but God's. That song helped me stay strong while my daughter was in the hospital.

Tammy - West Springfield, MA

I encountered your station less than 2 months ago and I honestly have to say that it has given me so much hope and encouragement along the way. There have been times I was having a difficult day and all I would have to do is tune into the station and I would feel so much better. There were even times I just broke down and cried depending on the song I'm listening to. Because of the impact this has had on my life, I start my day with your station on my way to work and finish my day with your station on my way home from work. I'm so thankful for The Q 99.7 being a part of my life. Thank you.

Olivia - Granby,

They present me with so many awesome opportunities to listen and spread God's word. The concerts, the new seminar to help students start Bible groups on campuses. It was OBB's concert that brought me and a new friend closer together!

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