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Listener Stories

Here are a few of the stories we have received:

Bianca - Springfield, Ma

I would have to say that the song "No Room" by Kolby Kollof has really been speaking to my heart. In today's day and age it can be really easy to fill our lives with meaningless activities and leave out God, but this song reminds me that there will always be room for us in God so we should be sure to return the favor.

Karin - Enfield, CT

I found your station by accident about 3 years ago. My sister passed away suddenly a few months earlier and it was a very painful time in my life. From the 1st song I heard I knew it was my new favorite station. Laura Story's song "Blessings" touched deep in my soul. I became a supporter and will continue to do what I can even if I move. My children enjoy the station and also love doing the Drive Thru difference. Thank you all for the wonderful prayers you say daily and the goodness you do. You reminded me that God gives me so much. When I am feeling sad or need encouragement God speaks to me through the songs. Thank you ALL-I LOVE the Q!!

John - East Longmeadow, MA

While going through a very public and painful divorce the music that I heard on the Q 99.7 reminded me of God's presence in my life, His healing grace and His greater purpose for me. While feeling cut off and abandoned by so many friends, the music helped me to feel the connection to a greater community than my own and in that way took some of the loneliness away. You folks are doing a vital service to the community in this area, more than you know, thank you.

Denise - Feeding Hills, Ma

For 11 years I prayed for my missing brother to come home. During the darkest, lowest time, I stumbled upon The Q 99.7 and found faith anew. In October my brother came home but like many things we ask for from God, I didn't know how hard it would be to have my prayers answered. With his homecoming came an lots of changes, a realization that I have changed, and a sadness that things will never be what they were. The Q 99.7 helps me to remember that God will lift me up, and maybe someday my brother will find God too.

MGB - West Springfield, MA

For 7yrs I had been running away from God. I had given my back to Him. One day, my cousin put on your radio station while riding in my car. At the time I had no intention to return to church, but I found myself listening to your station almost everyday after that. God was working in my heart and I didn't even know it.. For about a year I kept listening. There were times that i would start crying while listening to a song or a bible verse. You see, it was through listening everyday that God was healing my heart and breaking down walls built around my heart. Because of His mercy and love and thanks to your station I gave my heart back to Jesus on January 3, 2013. God continues to work in me everyday and I am happy to say I continue to listen to your station. My husband hasn't given his heart to Jesus yet, but I have been playing the station for him. I believe God will work in him through your station just like He used your station to work in me.

Whitney - Springfield, Ma

The Q 99.7 has been a true blessing in not just my life but my family as well. You give me hope, and my daily bread. I cannot start my day without the Q it gives me peace and joy throughout my day and keeps me and my family connected with God. Thank you Q family, we love you.

Martha - Springfield, Ma

I am so grateful to have come across The Q 99.7! You have become a part ofmy life. I listen daily. You have touched my soul and reinforced my faith. Recently my difficulties have been many. I know that Gods' plan for me is greater than the tests of faith thrown at me. The Q 99.7 is encouraging and allows me to thank God for all my blessings!

Jolene - Enfield, Co

Getting back to the early morning routines school brings, as soon as the kids are on the bus, I can breathe, sit down with a cup of coffee, then turn on The Q 99.7 while I start on the housework. The music uplifts my mood, relaxes me and puts my heart back where it needs to be so that I can keep being a mom.

Olivia - Westfield, MA

I really love the song Who You Are by Unspoken. It's so encouraging and so true. I struggle with seeing myself as God sees me. I don't see myself as such. But this song speaks God's truth that I'm not too far from grace and He will always take me back no matter what.

Ana - Springfield, MA

Q99.7 has being a blessing and comfort during one if my saddest moments of my life. I just loss my dad last month and during this process I feel that I was about to fall but the song 'Bless The Lord oh my soul' reminds me that no matter how difficult and dark life could be, my soul must praise his name. This song lifted up my soul and when I heard it that day,I started to sing it and between tears I felt God consoling me. Thank you so much, Q99.7!

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